Invenium Insights

Dive into the world of Invenium and learn more about our interdisciplinary team and our motivation to develop mobility analytics based on floating phone data as well as implementing exciting projects and customer-specific use cases. 

BÖTM-Top-Seminar 2023

Knowledge exchange, future collaborations for sustainable destination development and the use of data were central topics at this year's BÖTM-Top-Seminar in Gosau. We also provided new insights into the further developments of our Mobility Insights platform.

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Transportation Insights Webinar

Webinar: Transportation Insights

The utilization of the road system, the efficiency of public transport, the economic evaluation of company locations as well as tourist destinations – human mobility influences almost every area.

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PTV Mobility Anwenderseminar 2023

In a world where climate change is advancing, cycling is becoming an increasingly important part of our mobility. However, there are challenges when it comes to integrating cycling into transportation planning.

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IBU World Cup Oberhof 2023

Fascination Biathlon – Germans indulge the No. 1 winter sport not only in front of the TV. The "International Biathlon Union" (IBU) strives to make its business and activities sustainable in all dimensions: ecological, social and economic. The goal is to establish biathlon as the leading sport promoting sustainability by 2026.

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Webinar: Tourism of tomorrow

The change in mobility is omnipresent and has already found its way into Austria's tourism regions. The decline of cars in urban areas, increasing environmental awareness, advancing internationalization and the trend towards shorter vacation trips are the current trends facing Austrian tourism.

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24th Steiermark Frühling

This year again, the Viennese Rathausplatz shone in Styrian green splendor. The comeback of the "Steiermark Frühling" was more than successful: an enthusiastic atmosphere among the guests, radiant hosts – and the fresh spring weather held up.

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Kölle alaaf & Helau

In Cologne, Dusseldorf and Mainz, Women's Carnival Night marks the start of a cascade of carnival columns. In cooperation with O2 Telefónica, we have analysed the carnival strongholds on "Rosenmontag".

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AI for more attractive intermodal mobility

Using artificial intelligence to make sustainable and intermodal mobility more attractive and seamless.

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Ski fans from all districts of Austria come to the two night races in Schladming

Every year, the night slalom known under the name Nightrace attracts ski fans to the World Cup venue Schladming. This year there was also a premiere – Schladming took over the World Cup Giant Slalom, which was also held under floodlights on Wednesday 25 January.

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The city of the future is already relying on insights from mobile communications data.

The city of the future will be more livable. The city of the future will be more ecological. The city of the future will be more connected.

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High fuel price – driving is not less, but slower

In 2022, fuel prices in Austria rose massively, topping the 2-euro mark for the first time. In a detailed study on this topic, the Invenium Data Insights team used anonymized mobile phone data to analyze for the ÖAMTC what impact this additional burden had on motorized private transport.

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Christmas as it used to be…

Cities again in Christmas fever – thousands of people celebrate the beginning of Advent.

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