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Learn how people move and use public transport to optimize infrastructure and supply. Use our knowledge of human mobility, link it to your own systems and data, and transform the way decisions are made.

Tailored to your questions and – like everything we do – anonymized and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines.

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Is my offer being used efficiently?

Local public transport (LPT) with buses and trains is an indispensable part of our mobility and everyday culture. The quality of life and urbanity of cities is directly linked to attractive and efficient public transport.

How attractive and efficient is your public transport system?

Where does it make sense to expand my infrastructure?

Public transport in the city region will face serious challenges in the coming decades. Ambitious decarbonization targets, increasing commuter flows and population growth in metropolitan areas will lead to massive expansion requirements in the city-regional area.

How do stays, arrivals and departures occur at my infrastructure?

Where do the people who use your infrastructure come from and for what purpose do they use it?

We support you in the course of the needs assessment of the necessary infrastructure.

Identify market opportunities

How people move through the region – data that transport associations, infrastructure managers, airport operators or transport planners need to make their services customer-centric.

Improve mobility

With Transportation Insights, we help you find answers to the basic questions of human mobility – tailored to your needs. Where do people stay? Where do they come from and where do they go? … All our know-how for your questions as data export or API. – Anonymized and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines.

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Surveying your customers takes time. Get daily insights into your events to identify trends, respond to changes and plan for the future.

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Counts capture only a fraction of events Insights gives you the big picture. All visitors. All events. All movement patterns. Every day of the year.

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Events Insights has the right answer for every question. Analyze stay, arrival and departure times, age and gender distributions, places of origin, catchment areas and much more.

Strong data. Strong solutions.

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