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Your digital location advantage

Knowing your customers and their needs is a crucial competitive advantage for any company. The better you understand people, the better you can tailor your service offering and marketing to them and generate a real edge over your competitors. With Location Insights, you always have your customers in view. Who they are, where they come from, which competitors they trust.


Who will attend your event?

How many people visit your event? How long do they stay? When do they arrive? When do they leave? To which gender, age group or nationality do visitors belong?

Where do visitors come from?

From which districts or counties or municipalities do they originate from? How large is the catchment area of your event?

Which sites do you interact with?

What other locations do people visit before or after they attend your event? How many people return to your event? Adjust your offer accordingly.

Multichannel strategy

Events Insights adapts to your requirements and needs. We provide what you are looking for, exactly as you need it. Be it interactive dashboards a management report or bare numbers.

Your events at
a single glance

With Events Insights, you always have your visitors in view. Who they are, where they come from, when and how long they stay at your event. All this and much more, tailored to your questions and – like everything we do – anonymized and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines.

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Daily update

Surveys of your customers take time. So much time that the results are outdated before they are even available.

With Location Insights, you get new insights into your location every day, so you can identify trends, respond to changes, and plan for the future.

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Classic market research is based on individual surveys and thus only ever captures a small part of your customers.

Location Insights offers you a view of the whole. All customers. All locations. All movement patterns. Every day of the year.

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Location Insights has the right answer for every question.

Strong data. Powerful events.

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