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In the future, cities will have to be much more environmentally aware, livable and attractive. Knowledge of people’s movements through the city is essential for enabeling this. This is exactly the point where most cities fail to plan for the future, as no meaningful decisions can be made without data and facts. Invenium offers unique solutions demonstrating how profound urban planning could look like.

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Where do people spend their time?

How are residents and visitors distributed across the city? Where do most people live? Where do centres form? Where do mono-quarters form? How do weekdays differ from weekends?

How do they move around the city?

Analyse destinations of your residents within the city and outside of the city as well as the origin of your visitors from within the city and from outside. Distinguish between city districts and smaller neighbourhoods? Where do residents spend their weekends?

What are people doing in the city?

What activities of daily living (living, working, shopping, leisure) do people do in your city? Where do activities take place? Better understand the needs and motives of your residents and visitors.

Know your city better.

Come and get to know your own city a little better with us. Make better decisions for future urban planning with insights of the people who make up this city.

As unique as your city

From the pulsating metropolis to the newly developed district to the dreamy small towns – City Insights adapts to your requirements and questions. We provide exactly what you are looking for as you need it. Be it interactive dashboards or bare numbers for existing modeling and planning software.

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Get to the right decision faster

Decisions about the future of your city are often based on assumptions. City Insights provides the argumentation basis for your stakeholders with well-founded data and thus an important decision-making basis for your city and transport planning.

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Daily insights

Censuses and surveys take time. So much time that the results are outdated before they are even available.
With City Insights, you get new insights into your city every day and can react to changes, identify trends and plan for the future.

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Every city is different. City Insights adapts to its needs and has the right answer for every question.

Powerful data. Great city.

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