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Highlights 2023

Highlights 2023: Research & Development

Continuous development – Invenium has been involved in several research projects this year.
The results also improve various aspects of Invenium’s products.

5G Libra

Expansion of broadband infrastructure with Invenium at the forefront:

With years of accumulated knowledge in data analysis, Invenium is a competent partner for mobility analyses based on mobile signaling data.

Due to the improvements in the infrastructure of the mobile network as a result of the 5G expansion, our analyses can also be improved for certain use cases.

This creates opportunities to respond even more precisely to individual customer issues. For example, the 5G-Libra project is specifically working on the further development of public transport analyses based on mobile phone signaling data in rural areas.

Invenium’s products are constantly evolving through research into the network infrastructure in order to keep its data collection methodology at the cutting edge.


New potential by recognizing means of transport and classifying target activity:

The use of mobile phone signaling data and methods from transport demand modeling allows the means of transport used and the activity carried out at the destination to be determined.

Through targeted research, public transport can be better adapted to the needs of the population and thus tailored to actual demand.

This enables a more efficient allocation of available resources and makes a decisive contribution to traffic relief and sustainability.

In addition, our products can benefit from the new findings of the research and enable even more precise analyses.


Understanding complex public mobility chains creates new opportunities:

Invenium’s mobile-based mobility analytics contribute to a 3-part analytics system to fully understand people’s movements on public transportation. As a result, even complex route chains, including transfers to other public lines, can be determined.

This will enable even better adaptation of public transport services to passenger demand in the future and more efficient use of available resources.

The research results also help to improve Invenium’s products in the area of passenger flow detection and means of transport recognition, leading to more precise analysis results.


Fusion of Invenium’s mobile signaling data with precise GPS tracking and surveys creates a new data basis:

The research area for the “Multimofusion” project is Seestadt Aspern in Vienna – an ideal laboratory for testing and experimenting.

By merging Invenium’s mobile phone-based mobility analyses with data from GPS tracking and volunteer surveys, a new, even more accurate data source is being created. This enables a more comprehensive view of the research area.

The information derived from the data obtained enables the evaluation of actual (mobility) demand and the creation of direct offers to improve the city’s efficiency and quality of life.

For Invenium, the results of the research also mean the optimization of the ongoing implementation of the long-term feature, as well as the continuous derivation of data for transport planning purposes.

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