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Webinar: Research & Development

Continuous development.
The world of research never stands still, it turns a little further every day and we at Invenium turn with it.

10. April 2024, 10:00 Uhr

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Last year, we were involved in several research projects and gathered the latest findings together with experienced partners.

In this way, we were able to continuously develop the general level of knowledge as well as our products and keep our data collection methodology up to date.

As part of the expansion of the broadband infrastructure in Austria, Invenium was able to work with its research partners – Andata Labs, RSA FG and TU Graz – on the projects “5G-Mobis” and “5G-Libra”.

After several months of intensive research, we can finally present the results in the form of a live webinar!

Florian Schöpflin, part of the iSPACE research team with focus on smart settlement systems and mobility, will report on behalf of the RSA FG on the exciting results from the “5G-Mobis” research project.

In addition, José Carmona, development engineer specializing in traffic simulation, control and artificial intelligence, explains the findings that ANDATA is able to build on after several months of research on “5G mobis”.

On behalf of Graz University of Technology, Michael Cik, traffic scientist, deputy head of the Institute of Road and Transportation Engineering at Graz University of Technology and founder of Invenium Data Insights GmbH, will describe the project results of “5G-Libra”.

Michael Haberl, representing Invenium, will summarize the newly developed potentials of both projects on behalf of Invenium and lead the webinar.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 10th 2024 at 10 am via Zoom. Registration is now open.

Brief description of the research projects


“What opportunities will arise from the improvement of the broadband infrastructure and will this also make new use cases for mobility analyses feasible?”

When the 5G mobile network infrastructure was still under development, Invenium worked with RSA FG and Andata Labs to determine the future opportunities of the improved mobile network infrastructure.

A central role was played by the potential of congestion detection, traffic flow optimization and the extent to which mobile data can contribute to the determination of these findings.


“What is the potential of upgrading the mobile network, from 4G to 5G, and what new use cases can be developed as a result?”

Thanks to years of accumulated knowledge in data analysis, Invenium is a competent partner for mobility analyses based on mobile signaling data and therefore addressed these questions together with Graz University of Technology.

The project investigated which new use cases are made possible by improving the infrastructure and how future questions on mobility can be answered even more precisely.

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