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2023 Highlights

2023 Highlights: Event Insights

In 2023, we took a closer look at a variety of events with “Event Insights”.
At the end of the year, we provide an insight into three of this year’s many event highlights.

Oktoberfest Munich

Millions of visitors romped around the Theresienwiese from September to October 2023. A traditional highlight for all guests and for Invenium on an analytical level.

The event was not only analyzed on a holistic level, but by dividing it into small sections, anonymous insights into the individual beer tents on the Wies’n could also be provided. These precise insights enables the festival management to make a particularly precise assessment of capacity utilization as well as new potential for current and future planning.

In the analysis period from 16.09 – 03.10.2023, a total of over 7.5 million visitors were counted. This means a total visitor increase of ~ 36% compared to the previous year!

The event was very popular with both women and men, although male visitors were slightly in the majority with 52%. At 26%, a clear core age group of 18-29 year olds also emerged from the analysis.

Despite the high level of international interest, Oktoberfest Munich attracts mainly national guests (83%), with the top travelers coming from and around the city of Munich. Most international guests came from the United Kingdom (2.2%), followed by Italy (2.0%), Austria (2.0%), France (1.8%), the United States (1.7%) and Poland (1.6%).

Nightrace Schladming

Two of Austria’s sporting highlights took place at the beginning of the year: The annual night slalom in the World Cup venue of Schladming and, on the following day, for the first time the World Cup giant slalom.

As an Austrian company, local events, major events and their impact on the regional economy and tourism are particularly important to us.

In coordination with the Schladming-Dachstein TVB, we took the initiative to complete an event analysis for the two race days in order to gain insights from the analysis results and to be able to draw conclusions for future projects.

On both race days, we recorded a total of over 47,000 visitors from all Austrian districts, both in the stadium and in the immediate vicinity. The clear majority of visitors were aged between 18 and 29.

The data from the night slalom on 24.01.2023 at a glance:

Electric Love Festival

The summer festival season was also studied in detail with an analysis of the Electric Love Festival. The music festival at the Salzburgring took place from 05.07. to 09.07.2023 and attracted numerous guests to the beautiful Salzburg lake district.

A total of 213,390 visits were counted on the festival days with a remarkably long average stay of 11 hours and 32 minutes.

The typical festival guest was male (61%), came from Austria (69%) and was between 18 and 29 years old (62%).

The analysis also shows that a large proportion (31%) of the audience was international. The top countries of origin were Germany with 18%, followed by Liechtenstein (5%), Switzerland (4%), Italy (2%) and the Netherlands (1%).

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