Tourism Insights

Highlights 2023

Highlights 2023: Tourism Insights

From popular winter destinations in the west to peaceful, relaxing spa regions in the east were supported this year with Tourism Insights.

The year 2023 has brought a successful tourism season and we were able to support several regions in understanding their visitors even better with our analysis tool “Tourism Insights”.

Mobility analytics based on mobile data provide extensive insight into the mobility of visitors and can be customized for each tourism area.

The analyses provide general insights into the entire region as well as detailed analyses of the respective target group. State-of-the-art data processing makes it possible to reconstruct the movement of guests, determine socio-demographic classifications in age groups and gender distribution, trace international origins and generate precise comparisons with different tourist hotspots in the region, thereby offering a reliable solution for mobility issues.

Our mobility analysis therefore also provides the most fascinating data-based facts and has thus brought to light the most interesting data from visitor flows!

The most exciting key facts from the tourism season:

In Styria, ~ 1.73 million guests were recorded at almost 100 excursion destinations in the month with the highest number of visitors.

This season the most South Korean visitors of all time were recorded in the Salzkammergut.

On average, 48% of visitors at Bregenz’s local mountain are international.

A journey across the entire country!

Day guests at Therme Loipersdorf even came from the municipality of Feldkirch on the Swiss border.

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