How data becomes insights – Part 4: Answering questions

In the last part of our mini-series “How data becomes insights”, we look at the questions and use cases of our customers.

Part 4: Answer questions

Depending on the customer and the industry, there are different questions and interests in the anonymized and aggregated data. With our Mobility Insights platform, we have created a product range with which we can provide answers to specific questions in different areas, such as city and traffic planning, tourism, event and retail, and digital out of home, to name just a few, using a standardized feature set.

Customers from retail and event management can find answers to common questions in the industry in our Location Insights product.

  • Who visits my location or event?
  • How many people visit my location? How long do they stay? When do they arrive, when do they leave?
  • What gender, age group, nationality are my visitors?
  • Where do my visitors come from?
  • With which locations, which competitors do my visitors interact?

Our customers in the tourism industry have similar questions. With our product Tourism Insights, we provide a completely new view of how people move in tourism regions and answer the following questions:

  • Who visits my region?
  • How many day and overnight tourists come to my region?
  • For which groups of people is my region attractive?
  • From which areas do day tourists travel?
  • What do tourists do in my region? Which sights and communities do tourists visit?
  • How do they move through the region?

Our clients use this knowledge to optimize offers, to advertise more precisely, and to establish economically valuable and ecologically sensible tourism in the region.

But our insights are not only in demand in the tourism industry; city and traffic planners also rely on our analyses. With our City Insights product, we provide answers to common urban development questions.

  • Where do people live, work and live in the city?
  • Where do centers form? Which areas cover all people’s needs, where do mono-quarters emerge?
  • How do residents and visitors of a city move about during the day?
  • Where do visitors to an area come from? Where do residents outside the city spend their time?
  • What do commuter relations of the city look like?

Data Analytics Solution rounds off our product portfolio. Project-specific questions around the topics:

  • Which areas are related to each other?
  • How high is the potential of a location?
  • How long do people stay at a location?
  • How do people move through an area?
  • Are there regional differences?
  • Which customers and which segments do the marketing activities reach?

These and many other questions can be answered with the help of a data-based decision-making basis, and suitable measures can be derived from this.

Use Invenium’s analytical knowledge of human mobility with the “Mobility Insights” platform. Linked with your company-relevant data, together we transform the way decisions are made to

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