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Webinar: Transportation Insights

Webinar: Transportation Insights

The utilization of the road system, the efficiency of public transport, the economic evaluation of company locations as well as tourist destinations – human mobility influences almost every area.

Optimizing local public transport, planning sustainable transport models, solutions for increasing commuter flows and massive expansion needs due to population growth in urban areas – understanding where people come from, who they are, when and where they go is central to decisive transport planning to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of the future.

The webinar “Transportation Insights – Cell Phone Based Mobility Analytics made to Measure” highlighted the possibilities of data-driven mobility analytics and how it can support future-oriented, sustainable and innovative transportation planning.

Mobility analytics based on cell phone data provide reliable data to accurately investigate, interpret and better understand the complexity and dynamics of human mobility patterns. By examining these mobility patterns, comprehensive insights into people’s origins, goals, and motivations are gained to significantly support the future development of sustainable planning.

In the webinar, we will show you how our cellular-based analyses from Transportation Insights can strengthen your existing data, tailored to your questions. Which analyses you can already use to optimize your planning, which insights you can gain from our analyses and which future features you can expect.

For exciting practical insights, Clemens Raffler, expert for GIS & geodata analysis, and Julia Simhandl, active in the Mobility Research department, will speak as representatives of tbw research on how processed cellular data can be used to model movement flows.

In addition, Michael Heilig, transport scientist, research assistant at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and co-founder of Platomo GmbH, will report on data collection via opensource video systems and how mobility analyses derived from this data can be used for future-oriented transport planning.

The discussion will be led by Michael Cik, founder of Invenium Data Insights GmbH, traffic scientist and deputy head of the Institute for Road and Traffic Engineering at the Graz University of Technology. Michael Cik, through his years of experience, will give extensive insights into cellular-based mobility analysis and point out what possibilities the analysis methods offer.

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