Webinar: Tourism of tomorrow

Webinar: Tourism of tomorrow

The change in mobility is omnipresent and has already found its way into Austria’s tourism regions. The decline of cars in urban areas, increasing environmental awareness, advancing internationalization and the trend towards shorter vacation trips are the current trends facing Austrian tourism.

The webinar “Tourism of tomorrow. Understanding mobility.” was dedicated to the mobility turnaround and the interactive dashboard “Tourism Insights” to understand and retrace the movement flows in tourism regions during times of change.

Mobility analyses based on floating phone data provide a comprehensive insight into visitor mobility and can be tailored to any tourism region. The analyses provide both a general insight into the entire region as well as detailed analyses for the respective target group. State-of-the-art data processing can be used to reconstruct guest movements, identify socio-demographic classifications such as age groups and gender distribution, track international origins and generate accurate comparisons of different tourism hotspots in the region to provide a reliable solution to mobility issues.

The webinar provides extensive insights into the theoretical as well as practical matter, data mining, upstream processes, use cases, practical experiences, insights into the interactive dashboard, outlooks on further developments and comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions.

The talk is led by Matthias Traub, Managing Director of Invenium GmbH and Fabio Jarz, active in Business Development with a focus on tourism projects at Invenium GmbH, both provide comprehensible insights into the theoretical processes from a professional perspective.
Mag. Christian Schirlbauer, tourism director and managing director of the “Ferien Region Dachstein Salzkammergut”, shares his many years of experience, how the tool is used in the vacation region and in which aspects the cooperation supports the region in its further development.

The speakers report how analyses based on floating phone data can be the solution for today’s understanding of mobility.


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