• Exploring human mobility
    at scale


Using our innovative algorithms, we generate valuable insights from real-time data to answer the questions posed by our customers.

Mobility Insights

​Analysis of transportation based on new calcluated traffic demand models dependent on transport services.

Location Insights

Location analysis of visitor frequencies, customer potentials and competitors.

Event Insights

Analysis and visualization of visitor flows at large-scale events.


Technology Stack

For the implementation of our algorithms, we use powerful, strongly typed programming languages ​​such as Kotlin and Scala as well as state-of-the-art Big Data technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Storm.


The core ideas of our algorithms were developed in research projects and have been scientifically evaluated.

Data Processing

The data is processed in Austria. We're using the data center from our partner Know-Center GmbH.



Research projects by our cooperation partners Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning (TU Graz) and Know-Center GmbH.


Analysis of movement patterns of large groups based on anonymous cell phone data and social media to ensure the safety at major events in urban and non-urban space. This research project was successfully completed in March 2016.

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For the ITS Vienna Region East region of Austria, anonymous cell phone data was used for the determination of source-target relationships of individual and public transport in order to evaluate and calibrate an existing traffic model. This research project was successfully completed in June 2016.

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TU Graz


Our cooperation with the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning at Graz University of Technology ensures the integration of latest scientific advancements from the area of transportation planning into our products and services.​


Know-Center GmbH


Together with the Know-Center GmbH, Austria's research center for data-driven business and Big Data Analytics, we engage in research projects to keep up with the latest scientific developments in the area of Big Data.


Austria Wirtschaftsservice


The commercialization of results of our university research work is important to AWS. Therefore, we receive funding for the developement of our products (PreSeed).


About Us

Invenium Data Insights GmbH is a high-tech spin-off from
Graz University of Technology and the Know-Center GmbH.

Christopher Horn

Michael Cik

Gunnar Schulze

Christian Fritsch


We're always looking for talents in the area of Software Engineering with a special focus on Big Data.
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