Ski fans from all districts of Austria come to the two night races in Schladming

Every year, the night slalom known under the name Nightrace attracts ski fans to the World Cup venue Schladming. This year there was also a premiere – Schladming took over the World Cup Giant Slalom, which was also held under floodlights on Wednesday 25 January.

As an Austrian company, we are particularly interested in domestic events and large-scale events, as well as their impact on the regional economy and tourism. In coordination with the TVB Schladming-Dachstein, we carried out an event analysis for the two race days on our own initiative in order to gain insights based on the number of visitors, their socio-demographics, as well as arrival and departure behavior in connection with their origin, in order to be able to make deductions for future projects.

The mobile radio-based evaluations show that a total of 32,110 visitors from all districts of Austria traveled to Schladming on Tuesday for the post-slalom and stayed in the finish area (ticket for stadium access was a prerequisite) or in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. The nations Germany, Italy and Hungary lead the international visitor share with about 14%.

“The Night Race is a sports highlight for the whole of Austria: As the evaluations show, this year’s Night Slalom was attended by visitors from all districts of Austria. Fortunately, the Night Race and the first Night Giant Slalom also attracted many international live spectators this year. Such visitor flow analyses in the context of major events are a great support for us, so that in the future, on the one hand, we can coordinate the visitor potentials, and on the other hand, the processes for the on-site spectators in the best possible way.”

Mathias Schattleitner (CEO TVB Schladming-Dachstein)

In particular, the high average length of stay of the visitors stands out and is another quality feature for the event.

On the second day, the interest of the spectators in the night giant slalom was also pleasing. Although this event was made public only 14 days before, around 15,250 visitors (directly in the stadium and in the immediate vicinity) from almost all districts of Austria were welcomed in the entire town on Wednesday. Only 9 districts were missing for a 100% quota. The full coverage of Austria in terms of the origin of the visitors is all the more impressive when one considers that the people only arrived on the respective race day.

Not only the atmosphere on site and the broadcast TV images, but also the data prove the success of the two night races. With this in mind, we are already looking forward to 2024, when the night slalom, and perhaps also night RTL, will once again attract enthusiastic ski fans to Schladming.

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