Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt

After a two-year COVID abstinence, this year the Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt, an annual folk festival in Bleiburg in the province of Carinthia since 1393, started up again and opened its doors.

 Bildrechte: Stadtgemeinde Bleiburg

Based on historical data, the 628th Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt 2019 was analyzed in advance with regard to visitor flows, arrival and departure behavior, as well as the catchment area. This data basis served the organizer and the operational organizations this year as a reference to guide and control the nearly 138,000 visitors:inside with regard to visitor flows and traffic concept. Detailed information about the origin in combination with socio-demographic data allow conclusions about the visitor behavior for the 630th Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt 2023.

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