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Enjoy the view The bad news: As a tourism region you compete with the entire world. The good news: You are a potential travel destination of the entire world. With Tourism Insights you have analytics at your fingertips that help you to realize this potential.

Immerse yourself and learn everything about your guests and your region. Where do my guests come from and how do they move through my region? Which places or events do they visit and how long do they stay there? All this and much more. Tailored to your questions and, like everything we do, anonymized and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines.

Thanks to the A1 solution we gather constant information as well as reliable data regarding our guests. That's even more important in times of Corona.

Dipl.-Kfm. Stephan Köhl, Managing Director Tourismusverband Bad Ischl

Your Advantages

Analytics with a view
  1. Dashboard
    Instant Surveys of your customers take time. So much time that the results are outdated before they are even available.
    With Tourism Insights you get new insights into your region every day. So you can identify trends, react to changes and plan for the future.
  2. Dashboard
    Comprehensive Classical market research is based on individual surveys and therefore only covers a small part of your customers.
    Tourism Insights covers the big picture. All guest. All relevant places. All movement patterns. Every day of the year.
  3. Dashboard
    Flexible Every region is different. Tourism Insights has answers for every one of them.
    Analyze places of origin, movements within your region, major sights, skiing and hiking areas, travel distances, durations of stay and much more.

Our Solutions

As versatile as your region From the diverse tourism region, to the ultra-modern ski area, to the idyllic christmas market - Tourism Insights adapts to your requirements and questions. We offer exactly what you are looking for, exactly as you need it. Be it interactive dashboards or bare numbers.
Dashboard Our dashboards bring your region to life virtually. Tailored to your questions, you get to know your location and your customers anew.
Report A compact summary of what is important. In our PDF reports, we prepare for you central features and developments of your region. Conveniently sent by e-mail to your inbox or downloaded from within the dashboard.
Export We do our best to cover all your questions. For those who want even more, we also provide our results as downloadable CSV. So nothing stands in the way of your own analyses.
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