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Data Analytics Solutions

Data say more than 1000 words In positions of responsibility, you make countless decisions every day. Decisions that have a significant impact on the success of your company, the quality of life in your city or the future of your region.

With Invenium Data Analytics Solutions, the full analytical power of Invenium is at your fingertips. Use our knowledge of human mobility, link it to your own systems and data and transform the way decisions are made.

Your Advantages

Data-driven decisions
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    Instant Censuses and surveys take time. So much time that the results are outdated before they are even available.
    With Data Analytics Solutions you can react to changes, recognize trends and plan for the future.
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    Comprehensive Surveys cover only a small part of the population. Traffic censuses only a few streets.
    Data Analytics Solutions covers every movement, at every time. Divided by sociodemographic profiles, areas of origin and nationalities.
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    Flexible Data Analytics Solutions provide answers for every question.
    Flexible analytic areas (500x500 Raster, GeoHash 5 und 7, Municipalities...), time periods und parametrisation.

Our Solutions

Analytics to go Answers on the basic questions of human mobilitiy as analytic packages for your location. Where do people spend their time?, Where are visitors coming from?, Where are they going? ... Everything we know for your analytical questions. Exported as CSV or through our high-performance APIs.
Origin-Destination Matrix Explore traffic relations between origins and destinations of your visitors in the form of matrices and identify common routes. Depending on the question as source cell the first or previous residence and as target cell the last or subsequent residence are available.
Frequency Measurement Use frequency measurements around your locations to discover popular day times or seasonal differences. Estimate consequences of events or construction projects. Identify conversion rates of your locations.
Stationary Measurement Quantify the popularity of your location with count data of your visiors or guests. Ge to know your target groups by filtering socio-demographic attribues, nationality and origin location of your analysis counry.
Movement Chains How do people move through an area? Where are they staying? Which other areas do visitors of an area visit? Use our movement chain analyses to get those and many more answers.
Catchment-Area Analysis Where do visitors come from? Use information regarding visitors origin, travel distance and arrival time to set measures individually per region and to review the success of measures.


Customized analysis
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    Locations Analyze at different geographic levels. From 500x500 grids, to GeoHash 5 and 7, municipalities, zip codes and more.
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    Time periods Analyse different time periods like days, weeks, months, quarters and years or specific weekdays within a time period.
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    Target Groups Analyse demographics, origin, nationalities or activities of your visitors and define specific profiles per target group.
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