Helping in the COVID crisis

We are Invenium, a Graz University of Technology spin-off. With our partner and data provider A1 we offer motion analysis based on anonymized mobile phone data. Most commonly we analyze Austria’s manifold tourist regions and cities - like the incredibly photogenic but notoriously crowded town of Hallstatt, or the city of Graz, our beloved hometown.

Our mission statement reads: “Exploring human mobility at scale”. That’s what we are doing. That’s what we are good at. We are interested in patterns, in trends, in broad changes in human behavior, especially to analyze transport demand to improve offers for the population. Therefore, we neither care for nor analyze individual data points. A single data point bears no insight, no knowledge gain. A single data point is as helpful to analyzing human behavior as a drop of water is to describe a river.

We explore human mobility. So far, we’ve done that to help tourist regions, businesses and event organizers to better understand their target group, where people come from and how long they stay. We’ve done that very successfully and we would have been more than happy to continue doing just that.

But then COVID-19 happened. And an unprecedented medical and humanitarian crisis unfolded in front of our eyes. We saw people suffering, governments struggling to contain the outbreak and medical systems on the brink of collapse right across our southern border. As humans we were overwhelmed with the same sensation of fear and helplessness as everyone else. But as data analysts we thought: we want to help - maybe we can help?!

Maybe we can help spotting emerging COVID hotspots by analyzing movements between municipalities. Maybe we can help containing the outbreak by verifying the effectiveness of curfews imposed by our government. Maybe we can help by doing what we are good at: exploring human mobility at scale.

We do that with the same high ethical standards and the same respect for the individual’s privacy as we always did. Fully GDPR compliant and TÜV approved together with A1. Neither we nor our partners process any personal information, nor can they infer any from the data we provide.

We are here to help.

Stay vigilant. Stay healthy.

Andrea, Bernhard, Christian, Christopher, Elma, Florian, Gunnar, Julian, Katrin, Kevin, Lisa, Matthias, Michael, Thorsten, Sebastian, Stefan

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